Monday, July 24, 2017

Some pictures taken over the weekend of some new visitors not featured on the blog before, And also a returning vessel from the recent past. First two are smaller vessels which visited the marina on the 22nd July. Arriving in from Peel on route to South Wales, RNLB Edward Duke Of Windsor is a 14 mtr Trent class lifeboat which has been in the Trent relief fleet since commencing service in 1997. The Second vessel pictured arrived at the marina during the afternoon. The 2016 built 19 mtr Border force delta rib Nimrod. The returning visitor this time was at the Orthios jetty. Azamara Journey, Another larger cruise ship at 181 metres needs the larger berth at the outer harbour as the inner harbour at Holyhead cannot cope in depth or length of berths.

Trent Class RNLB Edward Duke Of Windsor at the Marina.

UK Border force Nimrod alongside at the marina.

A great close up image of Azamara Journey at the Orthios jetty by Jonathan Peers.

The full picture of Azamara Journey`s visit by John Frazer.

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