Sunday, August 26, 2018

14th August 2018, After embarking a pilot to the SMS Towage tug Masterman, Holyhead pilot boat St Columba speeds towards the inner harbour.

St Columba heads back to her berth.

A brief visit to the port of Holyhead on the 14th August by the SMS towage vessel Masterman, the 25 mtr tug spent just under 24 hours at the port`s refit berth on task then made her departure to Belfast.

Masterman enters the port past the Admiralty lighthouse.

Past the public quay for the refit berth.

Masterman departs for Belfast 15th August 2018.

4th August MTS Taktow arrived at Holyhead to collect Fugro Seacores Arun 120 jack up drill rig and take the short tow to Dublin, Seen below in the early afternoon of the 5th Aug the tow is prepared and commenced leaving the harbour.

MTS Taktow assists Arun 120 from pelham quay.

Both vessels underway to Dublin.

RNLB Gough Ritchie II arrived at Holyhead to be lifted out for some maintenance in July from Port St Mary in the Isle of Man. Pictured on the 5th August she is alongside at terminal 2 after leaving the boatyard and just about to be collected by her crew, who arrived on her replacement during maintenance, RNLB Macquarie. Both Trent class vessels are twenty years old now, and Macquarie spent seven years as Sunderland`s lifeboat and the rest in the Trent relief fleet, While Gough Ritchie II has had a full career at Port St Mary.

RNLB Gough Ritchie II at the terminal 2 ramp.

RNLB Macquarie comes alongside RNLB Gough Ritchie II. 

Just a brief pause together before changeover.

Once RNLB Gough Ritchie II departed RNLB Macquarie awaits collection by another crew and relief duties elsewhere.

Two nice sailing vessels appeared at Holyhead during August. Firstly on the 12th August at the public quay Holyhead was the 36 foot yacht Tramontana, originally built in 1934 the yacht was on route to Conwy when slight misfortune meant she required Holyhead lifeboat to bring her alongside. eight days later another smart looking vessel the viking-esque Valtyr 2741 entered the outer harbour to the landing point. This 55 foot craft on first viewing looks much older but was only built in 2009.

Tramontana safe alongside at the public quay.

Viking-esque Valtyr 2741 at the outer harbour landing point. Picture Beth Wilkinson.

NEW TITLE PICTURE........Irish ferries Epsilon seen here turning to Starboard and heading to her berth at terminal 3 on the 9th August 2018. Wonder what fate she will have when the new cruise ferry WB Yeats arrives during October.

Some cruise ships not featured on the blog before. Firstly, although visited Holyhead before the 117 mtr barque Sea Cloud II appeared at the Orthios jetty on the 1st August. Brilliance Of The Seas took the Orthios jetty berth on the 3rd August, her second visit to the port and at 292 metres long she still dwarfed the jetty in the early morning fog. 9th august saw Viking Sky arrive at the jetty, one of six identical sisters, Viking Sun had visited the port earlier in the season. Many other cruise ships have visited this year and the last to feature in this post and her first on the blog is the visit of the 139 mtr cruise ship Berlin on the 12th August.

Sea Cloud II rounds the breakwater end.

Once turned Sea Cloud II moves astern to the Orthios jetty.

Brilliance Of The Seas manouevres for the jetty.

Brilliance Of The Seas glides astern through the fog to the Orthios jetty.

Viking Sky all fast alongside the Orthios jetty.

Berlin all fast alongside the Orthios jetty.