Thursday, June 23, 2016

A heroic tale from a vessel at the marina today, Pictured this morning alongside at the marina Watson class lifeboat Swn Y Mor. The 46ft former St Davids lifeboat has been in private hands since 1973 and has completed many historic journeys including a circumnavigation of the globe as well as winning numerous awards at traditional sail events. One historic rescue is commemorated onboard with two plaques on either side of the vessel, During November 1956 crewman Ieuan Bateman lost his life on the vessels return after they had rescued all onboard the French trawler Notre Dame de Fatima in distress off Skokholm. Also included below is a more detailed link about the vessel.

Watson class Swn Y Mor at the marina this morning.

Basking in glorious sunshine

Some images of four commemorative plaques onboard Swn Y Mor.

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